Hebron is primarily a residential school with most of the students boarding in 'dorms' across two campuses.  The school prides itself on its ability to provide students with relatively small family orientated dorms, rarely exceeding 20 students.  Boarding starts from Std. 5.  The boys and the Std. 5 and 6 girls reside at the Lushington campus whilst the girls, Std. 7 up reside on the Selborne campus.  The school is located on the Lushington campus.  Staff and students residing at the Selborne campus are bussed the 2kms to and from school.

The dorms are arranged as follows

Dorm Std. Dorm Std. Bedtimes
Sunshine Girls 5 & 6 8:30 pm
Gardens Boys 5 & 6 8:30 pm
Silverdale Girls 7
Inters Boys 7 8:45 pm
Glenrock Boys 8 Gables Girls 8 9:00 pm
Snowdon Boys 9 Elkhill Girls 9 9:15 pm
Cypress Court Boys 10 Senior Girls 10 9:30 pm
Doddabeta Boys 11 Brighton Girls 11 9:45 pm
Ebenezer Boys 12 A Level Girls 12 10:30 pm
Ebenezer Boys 13 A Level Girls 13 10:30 pm

All dorms have a set of dorm parents who are directly responsible for the care and nurture of the children in their dorm.  These dorm parents are currently (and generally are) husband and wife couples.  In addition all dorms have attached to them 'dorm support' and 'dorm cover'.

Dorm Supports assist the dorm parents with weekend activities.  Dorm Covers have the responsibility of looking after the dorm on the dorm parents weekly day off and weekend off once per semester.  Dorm Covers frequently voluntarily assist dorm parents, along with the dorm support, with weekend activities.  At Selborne, the dorm support is also the dorm cover.

Dorm parents desire to provide your child with a positive stay.  We want it to be a memorable experience, building relationships that will extend beyond their years at Hebron School.

In the lower dorms, Std.9 and down, Prefects, responsible A level students, are also given the opportunity and responsibility of assisting the dorm parents during the week in the care of the students as a big brothers or sisters.  Usually two Prefects are allocated per dorm.  At Lushington (excluding Sunshine Girls) the boys are given a room attached to the dorm.  The Sunshine dorm is assisted by two A level girls on some afternoons and on Thursday night whilst the weekly staff meeting is in progress.

Further to all the above mentioned support, International Guests (IG's) are attached to the Std. 5 to Std. 9 dorms, they assist in weekend activities and also take on a big brothers/sisters role

In the event of an illness, injury or any other medical problem dorms are closely supported by Hoz (the schools medical clinic).  Hoz provides 24 hour support with trained nurses.  Please refer to the residential health section of this web site.

Dorm Activities

Dorm meeting
This is usually held on Friday night and it is the opportunity for dorm parents to update the students on events of the weekend, have feed back from the week and share a short devotion.  This is an informal time where the students can interact with the dorm parents and prepare for the weekend.

It is always a happy time to celebrate birthdays in the dorm.  These are usually kept quite simple, e.g. a cake and drinks.  It gives the opportunity for the students to be appreciated by the dorm.  If you have questions about this, you need to contact the dorm parents.

Weekend Activities
These vary depending on the age of the students.  The younger students tend to have structured activities during Saturday morning and evening whilst the older students have a more flexible programme.  Activities can include sports, cooking, walks, movies, quizzes, and treasure hunts.  From time to time the boys and girls join together for their Saturday activity.  The dorm parents endeavour to provide suitable activities that vary from week to week.  This gives the students time to unwind after a busy week at school and also provides the opportunity to get to know their dorm parents and friends and build great memories.  Weekends away are also arranged and these outings depend on the age of the students.

When the dorm activity permits students are allowed to shop in town on Saturday afternoon.  This is done in groups.  Std. 5 and 6 are additionally supervised by the dorm parents and dorm support staff.

Bed Times

Student should be in their dorm rooms approximately 15 minutes before lights out to prepare themselves for bed.  Dorm parents may grant the privilege of going to bed half an hour later on Friday and Saturday nights.  Please refer to the table above for normal bedtimes.

Lynda Azariah
Head of Dorms