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Inspection Report


In 2020, Hebron was inspected by an independent inspectorate. The full report is available to download here. 

Full Inspection Report

Hebron Inspectorate Team

Chairman's Open Letter

The Council would like to thank Hugh Bradby and each member of the inspection team for their time, dedication and expertise in evaluating and encouraging all aspects of Hebron School.

We would like to thank the Principal, Senior management and Staff, for the excellent way they worked with the inspection team. As stated in the report: “The team was pleased and impressed by the extreme friendliness of the welcome they received at the School and by the whole-hearted co-operation extended to them at every stage.”

We fully appreciate that the inspection week required a lot of extra energy and demands on all staff, and we would like to commend them especially for this.

It is important for us to remember, that the intention of the inspection was to evaluate whether Hebron ‘achieves its stated goals’. To this end, we believe that the vast number of commendations, highlight the many strengths of the school, staff, and students.

With regard to the recommendations made in the report, the Council, together with the Principal and his Staff, will be looking to formulate a plan of action with workable timeframes. We ask for everyone’s patience throughout this process.

In closing, we would like to emphasise clearly how very much we appreciate and value all that the staff do for the students and the wider Hebron community.


Chairman of Hebron Schools' Association Council