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Mission Statement

Hebron School is a co-educational residential school grounded on Christian values which exists to provide an affordable international education (drawn from a British tradition) based on sound principles for children aged from pre-school to university entrance. It seeks to provide schooling for children whose parents work in Asia, Africa and the Gulf Region in addition to others who require an international education.


The Hebron Ethos is based on a biblical standard of Christian behaviour and ethics, namely that everyone thrives when there is a caring environment for all our students and staff. As a school, all staff strive to permeate joy, peacefulness, patience, kindness, compassion, empathy, humility and accountability in all they do, leading by example for the students in their care. At the same time, Hebron has a culture of discipline, hard work and rigour, setting the tone for what is required in life in order to aspire to achieve excellence in everything we do.


Recognising the value of each individual in the community and believing that the best foundation for life is a personal relationship with Christ, our aims are to:

  • provide excellent educational opportunities through a strong academic curriculum and a wide range of extra-curricular activities;
  • uphold a personalised, caring, family-based environment;
  • encourage students to cultivate enquiring minds and faithful hearts for themselves, to strive for excellence and to develop to their full potential in all areas of their lives;
  • challenge students to work out the focus and direction of their lives in preparation for life after school;
  • foster a genuine respect for others and to inspire the school community to live in the service of God and others;
  • serve the neighbourhood and wider community; continue to be a resource for workers in Asia, and business communities requiring an international education for their children. 


Hebron seeks to address students' emotional, social, ethical, and academic needs in an integrated way. We prioritise a caring and positive school environment as well as whole-child support for students in order for them to thrive. Our focus is to continue to provide an outstanding education well into the future. 

Richard Naylor, Principal