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Hebron School has unceasingly benefited from the collective wisdom and experience of the Council. Our council members bring a wealth of skills and ideals that are crucial for making significant decisions and providing strong direction for the future of Hebron. Members of the council have a wide range of professional experiences, ranging from education, business, industry, government, and leadership.


Hebron Council


Dr. Jerry George Mathew – Chairman
Mrs. Astrid Blanke-Verghis – Secretary
Mr. Manohar Devadatta – Treasurer
Mr. Richard Naylor – Member, (Principal, Hebron School)
Mr. David How – Member
Dr. Koshy C. George – Member  
Miss Ruby Mangaldoss – Member
Mr. Joseph David – Member 
Mr. Aldrin Bogi – Member
Mr. Thomas George – Member 
Mrs. Anita Lazarus – Member 
Mr. George John - Member

Mr. Simon Devaraj - Member