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Retro Rave, a Student Council Event

Retro Rave, a Student Council Event

Written by Emma I.A. Otter and Arnav J. Singh (Student Council Events Managers, 2022-23)

On the 12th of November, this year’s student council hosted their first full school event with the theme Retro Rave. More than 400 people (students, staff, and parents) attended the event, which took place in the sports hall. After weeks of preparation and planning, it was wonderful to witness the event run smoothly and the enthusiasm of those present.

The task initially appeared a little intimidating, as none of us anticipated the quantum of work that went into organizing an event of this variety. Slowly, however, ideas and plans started to come together. Choosing the theme was probably the most difficult part of the planning process but after much deliberation and thinking through many creative ideas, we settled on the 1960s and 1970s time period and called it ‘Retro Rave’. Once the theme was chosen, we got to work, organizing the decor, planning and ordering the food, managing different activities for the day, etc.

The SC executive team along with many other people from our class spent most of the week leading up to the event designing and painting the massive backdrop, creating the hippie-van photo booth and disco ball, as well as coming up with ideas for decor like the time machine at the entrance. Each class from 7 to 12 was given responsibility for managing respective stalls and the representatives were incredibly helpful in making posters and decorating their stalls. The amount of work they put into this significantly contributed to the atmosphere of the event, which was highly impressive.

We wanted to keep some of the traditional and classics that we believed a Hebron SC Event wouldn't be complete without, such as the all-time favorite snacks including momos, chilli chicken, dosa, etc., and exciting games for all age-group including the famous sock wrestling. An actual popcorn maker, an ice cream stall, and a face-painting and temporary tattoo booth were among the additional excitements.  

Over the course of the evening, we had a talented lineup of performances and music videos made by the students along with lots of Just Dance. It was great to see students from Junior School all the way up to A-Levels participate and perform cheerfully. The backdrop, lighting, the music from the 1960s and 1970s streaming in between each performance, and the vast audience dressed in theme-appropriate attire added to the evening's overall ambiance and vibe. We were quite delighted with the event overall and truly hope that everyone enjoyed it too.

"We as a team gained experience and are grateful for being given the opportunity to host the event. It was a lot of fun and we thoroughly enjoyed each and every step of the way in our preparations. It was indeed a great teamwork that played into the success of the event." -Ciranjeevan P. Reddy and Surya P. Raju (Student Council Presidents 2022-23)