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Applying to Volunteer at Hebron

Are you a school or university leaver, looking to take a gap year before beginning work or higher education? Or perhaps a working professional wanted a career break or a retired individual with a heart for service and lots still to offer? Are you keen to experience another culture, meet people from all over the world, be pushed out of your comfort zone, grow in your talents and your faith life, and connect meaningfully with children and young people? Well, perhaps Hebron School's International Guest Programme is just the thing for you! 

Please note that we welcome applications for IGs to serve for one or two full semesters at the following times of year:

   Semester 1: August to December (application deadline March 31st)  
   Semester 2: January to June (application deadline September 30th)  

Please fill out the preliminary application form.


For more details regarding the Volunteer/IG programme, please contact-

IG Co-ordinator
Rachel Medhurst