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Junior School

Standard 1-6 (Ages 3-10)


Laying the right foundation of exploring, learning, and communicating, Hebron focuses on the overall growth of young children as they start school. Upholding their innate sense of curiosity, wonder, and excitement, we vitalize these powerful attributes with our child-centric approach to addressing a wide spectrum of needs.

Studying at Junior School

The physical environment at Hebron has a significant influence on the potential to discover and learn.  

With an academic culture that goes beyond the stimulating classroom experiences, young children learn while being guided and supervised by their teachers as they explore the picturesque campus located in the Nilgiris. From library to art lab, from sports court to music room, from swimming pool to food tech. lab, Hebron is their playground that values and offers creative spaces to explore, invent and imagine. 

Hebron School strategically positions its student-teacher ratio to ensure that every child receives the focused attention they need from their class teacher, who primarily instructs all subjects with the support of teaching assistants. The programmes of study for students from 1st to 6th standard broadly follow the English National Curriculum but with plenty of input to reflect global history, geography, and culture, as well as some topics related to the international mix of students and staff.

Head of Junior School
Julia Coombs

Prior to joining Hebron in January 2020, Miss Coombs spent a number of years teaching in Kolkata, India. 

I began teaching at Hebron in January of 2020, just before the pandemic began. So in January of 2023, it will be three years.‚Äč I began as the Std. 6 teacher and now I am both the Std. 6 teacher and Head of Junior School since August of 2021. 

Before joining Hebron, I had taught in primary schools and have been a mentor in the US and Kolkata. I have taught ages 1-11 (Nursery - Std. 6) and have been a mentor for older children/ young adults aged 11 upwards.

My hobbies are watching movies, attending music concerts, eating at new places and spending time with family/friends.

I want our students to discover their God-given gifts and purpose in life and to fully trust that God is always good and loves them immensely!