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Middle School

Years/Standard 7-9 (Ages 11-13)


Recognising every student's unique social, emotional and academic needs, Hebron expertly weaves together these years. The middle school years are focused on developing students' self-confidence, grit, curiosity, and study habits to help pave the way for academic achievement in the years ahead.

Middle School Student

Our opportunity to interact with peers and adults during our school life builds our confidence and ability to have positive interactions.

With a strong emphasis on theoretical and practical subjects, as well as numerous artistic, musical, and drama opportunities, Hebron creates an ideal balance of intellectual excellence in these transition years. Students follow the English National Curriculum, taught and mentored by specialist teachers where they are trained in all subjects offered by the curriculum, including French and Hindi taught in Standards 7 and 8. However, in Standard 9, they choose to do two Foreign Languages out of the three offered (Hindi, French and German). Subject lessons are taught according to the English National Curriculum, by specialist teachers. The PSHE course is taken by the PD tutors. 

Middle school students are avid athletes who participate in inter-house and inter-school competitions on a routine basis. One of the salient features is the Merit System, where students are rewarded for exceptional work with merits in each subject, to ‘climb’ the Merit Ladder. Another unique feature is weekly class inspection, which instils discipline in a strong competitive environment as they aim for the reward. 

Head of Middle School
Ben Sampler

Mr Sampler joined Hebron in July 2019, from the Isle of Wight in the UK. He also teaches music, and is involved in the co-curricular music programme. 

I have been at Hebron since 2019 and in that time have been dorm parents to the Elkhill Dorm, and Std 12 girls. In addition to being Head of Middle School, I teach music to Stds 8-13 and run several extra curricular musical groups, including the Ukulele Band and the Big Band. I also teach Drum Kit and coach the under 19 girls football team. Previously to joining Hebron I was Head of Music at two large secondary Schools in the UK, and have taught in both public and private schools. In my spare time I like to play football, keep fit and draw. I believe that all students will find something to be successful in at Hebron and that they can be just as important in supporting other's aspirations and plans.