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Senior School

Standard 10-11 (Ages 14-16)


Acknowledging that our students are growing into young adults, Hebron provides students a well-rounded education and opportunities. Senior school years are focused on providing a holistic and secure learning environment, helping students reach their potential socially, emotionally, spiritually, creatively and academically.

Developing enquiring minds to think creatively stimulates learning experiences and decision-making abilities; encouraging faithful hearts creates space for developing spiritual perspectives, taking a position, and having compassion for others.

At the end of middle school year (i.e. Standard 9) students are required to choose subjects to study for external examination at the end of Standard 11. Senior school year courses lead to foundational qualifications called International General Certificates of Secondary Education (IGCSE); in each subject. Students are encouraged to strive for excellence by taking responsibility for their own learning. Participating in personalised learning experiences that are demanding and thought provoking in the senior school, promoting an enquiry-based mindset and innovative thinking. 

While pursuing IGCSEs, students in Senior School engage in a wide range of extra-curricular activities such as inter-house sporting events, debates, and quizzes. Students are encouraged to participate in music ensembles, choirs, and other programs both at school and public events. They compete in inter-school competitions against other schools in the Nilgiris in football, basketball, volleyball, badminton, hockey, cricket, swimming, and many other sports. The Drama Festival is another highlight where they can express themselves creatively.

Head of Senior School
Hannah Goddard

Miss Goddard joined Hebron in 2022 as a teacher of Mathematics. Before that she worked in London where she was born, raised and trained to be a teacher.

"Hebron is a beautiful place, both in terms of its setting and its people! I've never worked in a school where students were so supportive of one another and worked so hard. It's wonderful to be a part of that. 

I've been working with youngsters since I was 16, mostly in maths but also in mentoring. After finishing my mathematics degree, I went on to train to be a teacher at the school where I ended up working for the next eight years. I moved from maths teacher to STEM coordinator, then to Head of A-level Mathematics, and then to Hebron. 

Our young people are extremely gifted; I hope they discover and nurture that gift."