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Hebron limits its total enrollment to around 360 students in order to provide individual attention and effective access to all resources and opportunities. There have been instances when new admissions to certain classes have been restricted. We want prospective applicants to be aware of the constraints so as to prepare for alternative options.

There are two semesters in an academic year and fees should be paid at the beginning of each semester. (August – December & February – June). A deposit must be paid when admission is confirmed in order to reserve a seat. This may be refunded once the student leaves the school after all dues are settled and sufficient notice of withdrawal is given.

Tuition Fees (Annually): 1,92,200 - 7,52,000 INR (Reception to A-Levels)

Boarding Fees (Annually) : 1,88,000 - 3,76,000 INR (Standard 6 to A-Levels)

The tuition fee will cover all necessary education costs, and the boarding fee will cover for lodging and meals. All additional costs must be covered separately. Usually, a Sundries Advance is obtained for this reason along with the fees.

Hebron offers a reduction in fees for SAARC citizens who work and reside in their own country. A concession in fees to families in service in selected Christian organizations is also granted. Families may contact the school for additional information. To preserve the integrity of our admissions policy, we will not be able to respond to pressure or representation. Applications will be fairly and compassionately considered on their merits.  We can assure you that Hebron will do its best for every applicant for admission.

Please note that all student admissions are at the discretion of the School Council - no objection will be entertained. The information given above constitutes the guidelines and is subject to change.