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Hebron Alumni

Hebron's Alumni are spread all over the world and are engaged professionally and personally in practically every imaginable industry/ sector. 

The Hebron Alumni Association serves as a bridge between former students and the school. Through events, programmes, reunions, learning opportunities, service opportunities, etc., a committed staff collaborates with alumni to establish and nurture these relationships.

Even though students spend a limited period of time in Hebron, they are Hebronites for life and part of the larger Hebron community. Along with access to a global network, alumni are involved in different aspects of the school and student life.  

We intend to significantly broaden the breadth of engagements in the upcoming year. We urge interested individuals to visit the school and share about their journey to enrich the school and students with the valuable experiences of Hebron alumni. Your suggestions for potential interactions with the school would be greatly appreciated. Irrespective of any opportunity to engage, we would like to keep in touch with you. 

To join the Alumni network kindly share your current contact details with us at or


For more queries, please contact: 

Alumni/External Partnership Officer
Stanly C. Sam


Alumni Stories