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A Revisit to Hebron

Hebron School Entrance


If you are part of the worldwide Hebron family, either a Hebronite Alumni or an ex member of staff or perhaps you spent time here as an I.G., whatever your connection with Hebron, you are welcome to visit the school at various allocated times throughout the school year. All we ask, is that you let us know before you visit so that we can arrange for you to be booked in with security and that we are aware of your arrival and departure times from school. This is not only for the security of the school but also for your benefit so that you can get the most out of a returning visit. We hope that coming back to visit Hebron should be a very happy experience, but we also recognise it can be quite an emotional one too for some Hebronites. That is why we like to connect you with our Alumni team, so that we can not only register your details with us to keep in touch with the school, but also to be able to support you to the best of our ability.

Let us know when are you planning to visit Hebron and we will be happy to assist you and make your visit more engaging. Kindly share your travel plans or tentative dates to visit the campus at or 

Visitor’s Request Form

Please complete the visitor request form well in advance of your scheduled visit to Hebron School Campus. We require certain information to ensure that our safeguarding standards are followed and that we know who is on campus at what times.

Click here to fill the form