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Music, Singing & Performances

ALL StandardS


From music-making classes to instrument and singing lessons, from praise and worship at church to Battle of the Bandsit is fair to say, Hebron throngs and throbs with the sound of music! From practice to performance Hebron students right through the school from pre-school to A-levels thrive on a musical tradition and a truly holistic and co-curricular approach to music, making sure every child is exposed to and encouraged by the musical and lyrical opportunities on offer. 

Hebron Music Concert

Music plays a very significant role during the Drama Festival, Parents' Week, the Carol Service, and many other school concerts and events.

Music throughout the School

Music has been an integral part of Hebron, training students on different instruments and vocals at the hand of experts. From Reception to Standard 9, as well as IGCSE and 'A' level, students can take up most musical instruments. Hebron has two choirs, a Senior Concert Band, a Junior Concert Band, Brass Ensembles, two string orchestras, and a Jazz Band. 

While students are formally trained and assessed, they also engage in extra-curricular activities such as forming their own groups/bands. Hebron facilitates such informal activities, allowing students to flourish as musicians and performers. ‘Battle of the Bands’ was initiated in 2022 with different informal music bands competing and assessed by external experts. The platform saw performances for the other school band comprising Hebron staff.  Music plays a very significant role during the Drama Festival, Parents' Week, the Carol Service, and many other school concerts and events.

The Junior School has an excellent music programme in its own right, with every student learning a string instrument in class. Music is regarded as an essential component of the curriculum, with each standard receiving two music classes per week. The emphasis is on practical and literary skills so that students have strong musical foundations when they enter middle school. The school occasionally offers or hosts public music performances; for example, every year the Concert and Jazz Band perform at the Ooty Flower Show.