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Dorm Life

Hebron is centred on child care, and dorm-life plays a big role in students' development. Hebron is largely a residential school for students in grades 6 and up. Until the pupils return home, they are cared for by "dorm-parents".

Lushington Campus All boys and girls of Std. 6 and 7 reside here, the school is also located on this campus.

Selborne Campus Located at a 2kms distance from the Lushington campus, Selborne accommodates girls from Std. 8 and onwards. Students and staff residing in the Selborne campus are bussed to and from the school daily.
Dorm groups are organized age/class wise which is divided into several rooms with 2 – 6 students per room (depending on the age). Usually a married couple (staff) is in charge of the dorm – whose accommodation is located adjacent or close to the dorm. Dorm Parents (DPs), have the primary responsibility for the care of students in “loco parentis”, through the academic year. DPs open their homes (except on their day off) to the students in their care. They also provide pastoral care in areas of emotional growth and well-being.

Dorms Parents are supported by other staff during the week and weekend engagements; International Guests (IGs) and Prefects (elected students of standard 13) play an active role engaging with students based on their age and abilities, as well as taking on the role of elder brothers/ sisters.

Dorm parents desire to provide your child with a positive stay. We want it to be a memorable experience, building relationships that will extend beyond their years at Hebron School

On weekdays/school days, students follow a consistent routine, beginning their day at seven in the morning, and retiring to their dorms by 8:45pm (varied on the basis of age group) after compulsory prep. During the weekends, they have a more crafted schedule, with activities, games, and outdoor activities planned with the help of their dorm parents and support staff.

Boys Standard 13 Dorm

Dorms are the heart and soul of Hebron. With a small number of children assigned to each dorm parent couple, it fosters closer bonding and provides a home away from home by fostering lifelong relationships. Different nationalities and cultures bring richness, life skills learning, and acceptance of others who are different from us.

A barbecue is an ever-popular weekend activity

In the event of an illness, injury or any other medical problem dorms are closely supported by Hoz (the school's on campus medical facility). Hoz provides 24 hour support with trained nurses

Heads of Dorms
Vikram and Mercy Singh

Having served for 25 years at Hebron, including many as dorm parents, Mr and Mrs Singh bring a wealth of wisdom and experience to this vital role.