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Health Care

The Hebron School Health Centre, popularly known as Hoz, is a clinic open 24hrs for and a source of medical referrals for students and staff. Along with providing first aid to students and staff, Hoz. also functions as a hospital, with 13 beds for sick students and staff and a supplies a wide range of standard medications.

Hoz plays an important role in dealing with community health issues in Hebron. It helps to manage and care for students with chronic illnesses and provides counselling and emotional support to students and staff.

The health care team coordinates a variety of health programmes that address various issues such as vaccination, dental care, head lice, health education, first aid instruction, kitchen assessment, etc.

A doctor visits Hoz twice a week to consult with students and staff who have medical needs. Cases requiring the attention of a specialist are referred to the appropriate doctors. Hebron has an agreement with BS hospital in Ooty to refer and treat students who require special medical care or long-term treatment.

Hebron School believes that a child's well-being has a direct impact on their academic performance and personal growth, so counselors offer individual and group sessions in classrooms and dorms based on issues. They assist students in coping with behavioral and emotional challenges, as well as guiding them through challenging times and teaching them various coping skills.