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Partnership with Parents

One of the things that Hebron prides itself on is the relationship and partnership it develops with all parents. We recognise that whilst we are in 'loco parentis' caring for your children during term time we are entrusted with the care and wellbeing of your most precious asset. As a school, we therefore welcome and actively encourage a close partnership so that all students feel that Hebron is as close to a 'home away from home' as possible. We hope you find this page useful in understanding how best to partner with us to achieve this.

School Parents Week

Regular communication with your child is very valuable and important. This re-assures them and gives you regular feedback, reassuring you, that they are in good hands. 

Students have plenty of opportunities to access their school email and there are phones in each dorm (both a landline and a mobile phone). Older students have limited access to their mobile phones at certain times of the week as well. Alumni from years past may remember - with more or less fondness - the weekly requirement to write a letter home; though this is no longer regular practice, we all enjoy the now rare treat of receiving a letter in the post!

In the week preceding the first mid-semester break in October, we host our much-anticipated annual drama festival. During this time, many parents of our students visit the school and spend time with teachers, and dorm parents, as well as enjoy the high-quality entertainment on offer. In April, in the week before the mid-semester break, we have our Parents' Week in which we normally enjoy several activities such as a whole-school dramatic production as well as our annual Sports Day and Swimming Gala. This gives all parents an opportunity to see their children showing their talents and abilities, and to experience a week in the life of the school.

These two weeks are important times to build relationships between staff and parents, and between parents, but we also value ongoing communication throughout the year. Online Parent-Teacher interviews are hosted on designated dates, and reports are sent at the end of each semester.